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“This exhibition is an important event on RMHC Malta’s calendar for this year as it gets closer to the opening of its flagship project, the RMHC Centre in Qawra”, RMHC Malta Chairman Martin Xuereb said. “The generous support of a wide array of people and organisations is key to enable the Charity to host educational and therapeutic programmes at our centre. The programmes are designed to assist children who have failed to develop the core skills and competences that are essential for their future quality of life. We are grateful to these talented artists for supporting our cause by donating some of their best work.”

Lara Bugeja, Curator of the Malta Postal Museum, praised the photographers’ take on the subject matter. “Malta is presented as an island at odds with itself – one that nestles comfortably into its past with its terraced fields, lonely megalithic structures, grid-patterned cities and natural rock formations, against one that forges ahead with the thrumming of construction, edgy architecture and larger-than-life shipping. Here, the present is frozen, transforming ordinary views into visionary perspectives.”

Spin a coin and help RMHC

People of all ages love to watch coins spin around in circles at as they descend the spiralling walls of the vortex funnel. It is simply fun and only costs as much as a few cents. It’s even more rewarding to know that the coins you will be tossing may make a huge difference in the life of someone.

Aware of the above, RMHC Malta has recently installed four coin-spinners as parts of its efforts to increase people awareness about the charity as well as encourage donations towards the RMHC learning Centre and the programmes it will be providing in the coming months.

These coins spinners are located at the Mc Donald’s Restaurants at the Malta International Airport and Baystreet and at the Plaza and The Point shopping centres in Sliema.