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RMHC (Malta) is determined to work with the best possible partners to ensure that its programmes and services meet the highest standards and respond to the needs of children and families in Malta.

With this in mind, RMHC has partnered with the Autism Parents Association, ADHD Malta and bBrave to deliver programmes supporting children and their families.

Autism Parents Association

The Autism Parents Association (VO 802) was set up by parents of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders with different aims. It seeks to raise awareness in Malta about autism and provides support to parents of children on the spectrum, helping them to face challenges and address both their needs and those of their children.

ADHD Malta

Established by a group of parents to help and support children with ADHD, ADHD Malta (VO 41) initially shared the knowledge gathered from the US and the UK with other parents. In time, ADHD Malta began to work with professionals like teachers, learning support educators and social workers about the condition. Today, its mission is to support, empower, educate and encourage everyone dealing with ADHD and related conditions and to act as advocates for the rights of people with ADHD.


bBrave is the first and only anti-bullying NGO in Malta. Its mission is to raise awareness on different forms of bullying, to facilitate assistance for individuals suffering from bullying and for the reform of individuals displaying bullying behaviour in Malta.